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   Screw guide  

Where is it applied to?
Type of Screw Head, Drill Point, Length and Thickness (OD)
Screw Bolt Material and Strength 
Screw Materials Type Strength
Steel SWCH 18A, 22A Strong
Stainless Steel SUS 410 Strong
SUS XM-7 Weak
Torsional Strength
Tensile Value
Shear Value
Corrosion Resistance and Surface Treatment
Major Surface Treatment Methods and Applications
Type Surface Treatment Methods Applied Specifications
Phosphate Coating Indoor Specifications
Zinc Electroplating(White,Other Colors)
Megni Coating Outdoor Specifications 
SUS 410 Zinc Electroplating (White)
Megni Coating
SUS XM-7 Surface Cleaning 
Type of Screw Head
Pan / Head
Flat / Head
Hex / Washer
Bugle / Head
Pan / Washer
Wafer / Head
Type of Drill Point
2-3 PT Sharp 4-5 PT Wing PT Stitcher
Fastening the 1~6mm thick steel plate Fastening the steel plate, wood panel
or hinge of 1mm or less in thickness
Fastening the steel plate of 6~12mm in thickness     Fastening the wood to the steel plate  Fastening and enforcing the wood and steel plate of 2mm or less in thickness
Type of Screw Thread
Trapping Screw Thread MS Screw
A high fastening speed. It is used mostly for fastening thin steel plates. A high screw
thread is followed repeatedly by
a low one. It is
used in fastening thin steel plates or wood panels.
 It is the most usual type of thread and
it is used in the fastening of 6mm
or less thick steel plates.
It is applied to fastening thick
steel plates.
It is used mostly in fastening thin steel plates or plywood.

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Screw guide
Screw guide

General S.D.S
General S.D.S

Stainless S.D.S
Stainless S.D.S

Special S.D.S
Special S.D.S

Drywall Screw
Drywall Screw

Blind Rivet
Blind Rivet

Other Screw Products
Other Screw Products