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Apr 2017 Nominated as a GMD (Global Market Developer) by Ministry of SMEs and Startups
Nov 2016 Participated in the Big 5 Show 2016, Dubai, U.A.E.
Oct 2016 Participated in the Korean Expo organized by KOTRA, Dubai, U.A,E.
Sept 2014 Nominated as a Specialized Trading Company by Ministry of Trade & Industry
June 2014 Registered at the UNGM (United Nations Global Marketplace) as a supplying Vender
June 2013 Re-designated as a Promising Export Firm by the SMBA
May 2012 Being appointed as an Exporter for the Next Generation by Seoul Municipality
April 2012 Registered as a certified member of SBA Internet Trade Support Business
Mar 2012 Received an award as a model of reliable businessmen in Seoul
May 2011 Selected as a company for 2011 Strengthening Export Capabilities & Globalization
Jan 2010 Being entrusted as a Chief Scholarship Committee at MBMC
Jun 2009 Being nominated as an expected future-oriented Export Company by SMBA
Mar 2009 Opened a branch office in Shanghai, China
Nov 2009 Participated in the Big 5 Show, Dubai, U.A.E.
Apr 2008 Being entrusted as a Tax Advisory Committee member at the Dongjak Tax Office, Seoul, Korea
Jan 2008 Participated in the Arab Health 2008, Dubai, U.A.E.
May 2007 Joined as an investor & partner of Myunghwa Screw Factory in China
Mar 2007 Admitted as a registered trading company at the Seoul Business Agency (SBA)
Feb 2007 Being appointed as a member of board of directors at the Dongjak Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Seoul, Korea
Nov 2006 Participated in the Medica 2006, Düsseldorf, Germany
Oct 2005 Acquired ISO 14001 : 2004 (Reg’d No.ESC-0564)
Sept 2005 Participated in the Securitex and Fire 2005, Indonesia
Sept 2005 Participated in the Hospi Medica 2005 Thailand
May 2005 Acquired ISO 9001 : 2000 (Reg’d No.DKQ-2057)
Apr 2004 Being honored as a model company by the Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Jan 2004 Participated in the Rebuild Iraq 2004, Kuwait
Jan 2003 Participated in the Dubai Arab Health 2003, U.A.E.
Apr 2002 Participated in the Riyadh Medicare 2002, Saudi Arabia
Sept 1999 Participated in the Teheran Int’l Fair, Iran
Dec 1998 Attained US$2 Million export record
Jun 1996 Participated in the Jeddah Int’l Fair, Saudi Arabia
Feb 1995 Participated in the Cairo Int’l Fair, Egypt
Nov 1994 Received an award for US$1 Million Export from the Korean Government
June 1993 Effected the 1st shipment to Saudi Arabia
May 1993 Joined KITA & KOTRA as a regular member
Mar 1993 Establishment of HASUCO KOREA (C.R. No.108-06-70480)